Candea propose a range of materials specially conceived to thermoform transport trays that combines:

  • High performance materials and an easy thermoforming.
  • Absence of electrostatic charges.
  • Reusable products that respect the environment.

Candea cares about the environment, so we propose to our customers the use of our EcoSD range that includes both electrical conductivity and the use of recycled materials to avoid the generation of waste.


  • Electric conductivity
  • Discharge capacity
  • High mechanical properties.
  • Recyclable 100%

Range of products:

  • Rolls from 500 microns to 2.50 mm
  • Sheets from 1.0 to 10 mm
  • Smooth, engraved or striped finishing’s
  • Semi-conductive
  • Permanent antistatic
  • Dissipative
  • ABS, HIPS, PP, HDPE, Blends.

Conventional ESD

Conventional ESD materials use carbon black to improve the conductive properties of plastics. At Candea we have this technology and we can offer our customers all kind of ESD carbon-based materials.

Within this range of products, we can offer:

  • Eco range: we offer recycled plastics favouring the circular economy and avoiding the generation of new plastic waste.
  •  Surface or volumetric resistivity.
  •  And all this in: HIPS, ABS, HDPE, PP, among others.

ESD Carbon Free

For customers who want a finish with high aesthetic requirements, Candea offers ESD technology free of carbon.

These materials base their conductive properties on small particles that transmit electricity through the plastic sheet. As they do not contain carbon black, the sheets or rolls can be manufactured in different colours, even in transparent.

Uses and applications

ESD Carbon Free

Acabado con alta exigencia estética

Candea ESD products, whether they are conductive, dissipative or antistatic, have a superficial or volumetric electrical conductivity that prevents electrostatic discharges, guaranteeing the dissipation of the accumulated charge.

These properties are usually required in the transport or storage of electronic parts within the automotive sector, telephony, industrial machinery or all those industries that work with electronic components.

Classification according to levels of resistivity

Effects of stretching on conductivity

Conductivity is not affected by molding the piece

Our products avoid electrostatic charges

Candea products are presented both in rolls and sheets, with thicknesses ranging going from 0.50 mm to 2.00 mm for the rolls and from 1.0 to 10 mm in sheets, and a width of up to 1350 mm. They are available both in the finish and in the different engravings of Candea. You can add colured stripes.